Chinese tea categories

There are three main group of tea known to the world, unfermented, semi fermented and fully fermented. Unfermented tea usually refer to white tea, semi fermented tea refer to oolong tea and fully fermented tea refer to black tea. Based on these three categories, one can have a hard time categorize all their teas. For example, given a green or raw "puer" tea, should we categorize it as green tea, oolong tea or black tea? Another example is highly roasted "tie guan yin", do we categorize it as black tea? The answer is no. No matter how you roast your "tie guan yin", it will still be oolong. Personally I think the best way to categorize tea, is to separate it into fresh tea (tea should be drink fresh) and vintage tea (tea can be keep for natural aging through time).

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