Chinese tea storage tips

Fresh tea

Fresh tea like white tea, green tea, flower scented tea and oolong tea except for "shui xian" family, are best to be store in the refrigerator. Green tea, white tea and scented tea are advisable to finish within a year of the manufacturing date even though it is well kept in the refrigerator and oolong tea within two years.

Fresh tea should always be keep in its original packaging bag and in a container. Metal container that came with the tea is good enough, but if you want a better container that you can reuse after, then you should consider stainless steel or pewter container. Air tight glass container is good for fresh tea too, but please take note that plastic container is not recommended.

Vintage tea

Unlike fresh tea, vintage tea should not be store in the refrigerator. Vintage tea needs oxygen to perform natural oxidation process. It is good to store vintage tea at room temperature where air can circulate perfectly well. Dry, clean and odorless environment is essential.

Vintage tea like "puer" usually compress into many form then wrap in a piece of paper then stack and wrap in processed bamboo. Need no further container for this type of packaging. But if you open up a piece to drink and loosen up the whole piece, then you will need a container to store it. Containers made of purple clay and ceramic are the best choice. These containers are good for all type of vintage tea.
Vintage tea is sensitive to sunlight and that makes glass container a bad choice for vintage tea because sunlight passing through the glass will be magnify and could harm the tea inside.

Natural aging

This is one of the main subject if you wish to invest in some vintage tea or simply just keep it for future to enjoy.

As mention above, keep it in the room temperature where air circulation is good. If you want to keep it in a store room or warehouse, ventilation fan should be install.

Never keep green "puer" tea, ripe "puer" tea or other types of teas too near to each other because tea will absorb the smell of another tea and the natural taste will be mix up.

Never keep your tea directly on the floor even if the tea is well wrap. Always lift it up a little, at lease 3 inches away from the floor.

Keep it in an odorless environment no matter it is of pleasant or not. Smell from aroma therapy oil and mosquito repellent should be keep away from the storage environment. Kitchen is another bad place to store your tea because oil molecules release in the air while you cook will stick and contaminate your tea. So keep away from kitchen.

Avoid extreme heat especially direct sunlight. The taste will eventually turn sour when expose to extreme heat.

Avoid too high or too low humid condition because excessive humid will cause molding and extremely low humid the tea will not age because tea needs humidity to perform oxidation aging process. Although higher humidity can speed up the aging process of tea, but the quality will be heavily degraded. Tea aged in this environment is often call "Wet Storage Tea". Good humid for storing tea is around 60% to 80%.

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