Good quality vintage chinese tea are hard to find nowadays.

I often travel around Asia in search for a good cup of chinese tea. Being a chinese tea lover, I find it difficult to get high quality vintage chinese tea nowadays, especially aged raw or green "Puer" tea in China tea shop around Asia. Most of the China tea shop reserved their aged "Puer" teas for their regular customers only. Fortunately in Malaysia, where we consider paradise for vintage chinese tea lover, most of the masterpiece can still be found. Some of which can only be seen in the chinese tea museum of China. But the price has rose sky high to an unaffordable stage. For me, i rather buy some new and good quality China tea to age naturally myself. Recently during a chinese tea meeting with several of my friends discussing over the matter, we decided to bring out some of our chinese tea collections to share with the world. Although we do not have a lot to offer now, but hopefully will have more in the near future.